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LED Aquarium Lighting, 2010 NEW Products!

New Products! 120w dimmable LED aquarium lights! (Model AQ-120WDIM)

This 120w powerful LED aquarium light is dimmable with remote controller, its brightness is adjustable, energy saving and does not "burn" your coral.

Voltage 110/220 Life 50,000h color temp 10000-20000k(Kelvin)


Model: Dimmable


AQ-120W-DIM, $488

Blue-White dimmable

16"x8.5x2.5 good for 24"-48" tank,

LED zone and intensity adjustable by Remote control

Coverage: over 3sf.

Remote control






Model: Non-dimmable

AQ-120w2P(Two Plugs)

AQ-120W(one plug)


AQ-120W2P, $396.00

Blue-White can be on/off separately

16"x8.5x2.5 good for 48" tank,

Coverage: over 3sf.

Cord length: 180 in(AQ-120W2P)

AQ-120W2P two plugs


AQ-120W2P Blue+White


AQ-120W2P Blue


AQ-120W2P White


AQ-120W (one plug)aquarium-panel-pic1

The model of AQ-120W2P is designed for two external timers that can programly control blue and white LED lights separately to mimic sunset and sunrise.



FAQ of LED Aquarium Light

Will your LED light bulbs work on a dimmer switch?

We do not recommend using our LED aquarium light panel on a dimmer switch currently, Most of types of switch can potentially cause damage to the bulb and short LED bulb life if LED is not specially designed, the warranty of product is void if an unauthorized dimmer is applied in current panels .

Note: we are developing dimmable LED aquarium lights, we will update our website when it is available.

Can I use a timer to control LED aquarium light?

Yes, but you need to make sure timer turns power off when it is "off", some timers do not have a true "off" and may continue to illuminate LED bulbs when timer is off. we are developing aquarium light system controlled by a timer that can switch on/off white or blue separately to mimic sunrise and sunset. we will update website when it is available.

Do your LED bulbs emit UV light?

No, but you should never point an LED light into your eyes. The light is very bright and could cause damage.

Can light panel be used outdoors ?

No, indoor use only.

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1 Color: white 10000-20000 Kevel ,blueb 460nm, other color available upon request.

2 Powerful 120W(300w) LED grow light can replace Standard 300-400W(600-800w) HPS or MH aquarium light

3 High efficiency,save about 85% power consumption save electricity bills, save money for the end user

4 Unique design, light and beautiful

5 No need outside power supply,convenient to use

6 Use built-in switching mode power supply,above 80% efficiency

7 Emit more effective light wavelength for your reef and coral

8 Promote the coral growth, good for sps and lps

9 Use kinetic theory of air to solve the heat problem

10 No infrared ray but have exact ultraviolet radiation

11 Can be directly placed above the tankless,no scorching at all

12 Lighting protection,vibration protection

13 Easy to install and use, plug into the electric outlet(120/230Vac) directly

14 Running quiet and cool, no need heat-removal equipment

15 perfect mimic the sunset and sunrise and noon

16 Plug-and-play grow light,no need any accessories

17 Any plug are available

18 CE certificate

19 Excellent customer service, 3 years warranty

20 Well-known experts in coral lamp

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