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30W all blue LED grow light panel, The purity of these Blue LEDs speeds up leaf development, plant growth and provides maximum plant health, beauty and productivity.




Chrome die-casting circuitry board, with plastic frame.
Wave length: 465nm
Blue: 112PCS
Input Voltage: 12v-230v
Power: 30W-35W

Product size: 30.5cm*30.5cm
Inner box size: 32.5cm*36cm*5cm
Outer box size: 79cm*36cm*33.5cm
Weight 1.1KG/PCS
Work life: Above 50000 hours
Best distance to Plant: 72 inches

This specialty all Blue LED grow light panel is designed to allow you to custom the light spectrum for maximum growth. This powerful all Blue LED panel has been scientifically designed to provide large illumination coverage of 18 square feet so it needs to be positioned at approximately 24 inches away from the plants. Insufficient distance with this powerful grow light can cause sun burning of plant leaves.

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