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Advantages of LED Grow Light

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Unlike the normal incandescent bulb that is still so popular, an LED has no filament.  A solid state bulb is more durable and emits the strongest light for the longest period of time.  The LED light does not slowly dim over time and then die out, instead, it consistently shines brightly until it's power supply dies.

LED lamps last  twice as long as regular bulbs and they do not overheat when in constant use.  A product with the proper heat flow design will allows the light to breathe and heat to dissipate, increasing the longevity of the light.  One that is manufactured with aluminum, rather than plastic or glass, will also prove to last longer and shine brighter because of the housing durability. LED Grow Lights Outlet sells a premium line of LED lighitng that you can feel confident investing in. After years of research, we have developed a strong, solid design that boasts the brightest and longest output.

If you brush up your knowledge of physics and chemistry, you’ll be reminded that sunlight is made up of millions of photons, a unit of light. Sunlight is produced when these photons, contained by the atoms, move around or change electron positions. A continuous process produces sunlight. However, LED lamps work with the help of electricity that flows unidirectional. This one-way flow of the current prompts a change of movement of the electrons, where the positively-charged electrons move away from the negatively-charged ones. The electrons leave gaps in its chain, which become the positively charged points on the semiconductor. This movement of electricity over the semiconductor, from negative areas to the gaps on its surface, helps emit light.

LED grow light systems come in different colors, depending on type of grow lamp it is and the size of the gap in the electron chain. You must be wondering how a gap in the chain can result in a change in the color of the light? Well, you see, the gap alters the frequency of the photons and this difference ends up in a change of color. However, the light produced is infrared, so it’s invisible to human eyes! LED lamps are available in visible and ultraviolet too.

Do you want to grow plants indoors? First of all, categorize your plants under seedlings, fruit bearing and flowering and then look for the grow lights that’ll help maintain your young plants’ health! Seedlings usually need blue LED lamps to grow. Fruit bearing plants need orange grow lights, and flowering plants need red lights to ensure their ability to bear fruits and flowers. Once you know what you’ll need it’ll be easier to get hold of the particular grow lights. Now you can watch your plants thrive!


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