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Calculator of LED Grow Lights

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Calculator of LED Grow Lights Numbers and Models of LED Grow Lights you need New Page 1 New Page 1 Copy of Calulator of LED Grow Lights.xls

Numbers and Models of LED Grow Lights you need
Length(FT) Width(FT) Area(sq M)
Lighting level PAR Watt/sq M 90W AIBC-LED 120W AIBC-LED 300W AIBC-LED 600W AIBC-LED
Very High


We created this calculator for you to help choose the best set of LED lighting for your project. The calculator will let you know how many LED grow lights you will need for your indoor space.

Basis of calculation:

Plants "see" light differently than human beings do. As a result, lumens, lux or foot candles are not an exact measure method for plant growth since human visibility is not a factor. More scientific measures for plants are PAR watts or PPF. Since most LED grow lights manufacturers use lumens in their specifications, it is very hard to compare them with conventional grow lights. To simplify the process, we created a calculator for LED grow lights and aquarium lights to help you decide on what LED lighint you need for your project. Please note, this is a rough addition to the quantity of light, consider the quality and type of plants you are working with. Certain plants use energy in different parts of the spectrum for particular processes. A "good" level depends on a number of factors, including plant type, stage of the growth cycle, response to increased light levels, temperature, and other environmental conditions.

How can I use it?

Import your growing areas with length and width (ft) in the orange cells, click the UPDATE button. The results are listed in the table in the gray cells. For example, if your area is 10x10ft and your plant needs high level lighting, you will see in the calculation that you need five 90w, OR three 120w OR two 300w OR one 600w LED grow lights.

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